Race Day Preparation



Race day Prep (powerpoint)

Day before the race

Its always a good idea to do a Pre-race ride (Friday)

  • Gets the legs prepared and not stagnate
  • Test equipment before you get in the car
  • Gain a little confidence in how you feel
  • Get time to think about the race demands, course, competition, etc.
  • If you are going to carbo load (races over 2 hrs), allows the body to prepare to store carbohydrate

Day before the race

Consists of:

  • Warm up 15 mins, check bike
  • An effort at threshold (5 mins, or 2 x 5 mins) (5RBI),
  • A couple of 1 min all out efforts (3-5RBI)
  • A 200 meter sprint.
  • Cool down 15 mins, check bike
  • Total of 1hr. Go home and eat, or start carbo loading regiment.
  • Pack equipment
  • Pack equipment
  • Pack equipment
  • Pack equipment

Night before the race

  • Make sure EVERYTHING is taken care of for the morning before you sleep (don’t waste precious energy looking for an arm warmer, sunglasses, helmet, or your bottles the morning of the race)
  • Think – If I were to show up at your house or hotel room at 11pm and say “we must race NOW” would you be ready to go? You should be !

Day of the race eating

  • Eat a good, nutritional, easily digestible breakfast, heavy of carbs with small amounts for protein and fats. Oatmeal, a muffin, some eggs and rice, waffle, pancakes etc. Think 500-750 calories.
  • If, you are doing a road race, have post-race food and recovery beverage ready to go before you start the race! Often these races are remote!
  • Eat calories on the bike so you are not bonked.
  • Buy this and get it ready the night before!

Day of the race -arrival

  • Arrive with enough time.
  • At least 45 mins to park, reg, prep equip
  • If race with hard start (eg. criterium or time trial), add 1 hour warm-up
  • If others are racing, get there to see their race and support them
  • Have a short tactical session with your teammates
  • If criterium, go look at the course, and watch earlier categories to get a read on tactics! Get an idea of where 100m and 200m to go is on the course.
  • Day of the race warm-up – Duration of the race and intensity with which it starts determines routine.

Warm-up examples –Warmup is meant to prime muscles, increase blood flow, increase muscle temperature, and prime the body to use carbohydrate and fats as fuel.

Shorter race with harder start (eg criterium, time trial, mountain bike xc event, cross race, road race where you are going to attack from early on)

  • Easy spin 20-30 mins
  • 2 x 5 (5RBI) threshold
  • 2 x 1 min all out (3 RBI) (skip this for tt)
  • Time this to get to the race start <=5 mins after warmup is complete

Longer race with easier start (eg. road race)

  • Easy spin 20-30 mins
  • 5 min ramp from 75% to threshold
  • 1 min all out, and 1 form sprint
  • Time this to get to the race start <=15 mins after warmup is complete

Multi-race weekends

  • If you are doing a multi race weekend or stage race:
  • After the first race, cool down 15 mins and drink recovery beverage.
  • Change and eat a meal.
  • Relax, and don’t do another ride before the warmup for the next day.
  • Think about checking out the next day courses.
  • Have a debriefing about the tactics and performance with your teammates and coach
  • Recover, recover, recover, recover!

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