About the Therapist

IMG_4190 Ben is constantly in motion, trying anything fitness oriented. He graduated from Bucknell University with a BA in Environmental Science in 2002. After a career in the bike industry he decided to pursue a path as a Massage Therapist and Cycling Coach, graduating from the Wake Tech Therapeutic Massage Program in 2016.

Ben’s passion for movement and respect for the intricacies of the human body have led him down the path to becoming a Massage Therapist who specializes in tailoring treatment to your activities of daily living. Whether it is racing a bicycle, running a 5k or going for a walk every morning Ben’s dynamic background as a therapist and an athlete will be focused on your wellness journey.

Ben is currently practicing at the Durham Chiropractic Center in Durham, NC and is the coach of the Duke University Cycling Team. An elite cyclist Ben has been racing since he was 13 years old. He has raced for the Jamis Mountainbike Team as a Junior from 1997-1999  In 2002 Ben spent time in Europe racing for Eric Gibeaux’s Elite Amateur team based in Tours France. After IMG_5228Europe he spent most of his 20’s racing on the Road for various elite teams in the Mid- Atlantic. Ben has coached USAC and Collegiate Cycling, and Mountainbike athletes to multiple podiums over the years. He loves to work with athletes  of all skill levels from beginner cyclists to Gran Fondo riders, to intermediate and elite level cyclists of all ages. As an elite athlete he has seen Therapeutic Massage often as a client and he knows the benefits that a focused and dedicated therapist can have on their clients lives. Ben is looking forward to working with you!

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