Advanced Core Circuit

Stability Ball Arm Movements

Lay on an exercise ball and with straight elbows the entire time and in a “top to bottom fashion,” raise arms above your head with thumbs up, then move them down toward your lower body and finish by squeezing your shoulder blades together. That completes one repetition. Start over at the top.


Warning: Start light and do not add weight until your movement is perfect. Not sure if you’re doing it right? Consult your coach.

Grab the bar (or dumbbell) and, while maintaining a tight upper body and neutral spine, push your butt back into a hip hinge while letting bar travel down toward your kneecaps. Stand back up, squeezing your butt throughout, to return to the starting position. Be sure you don’t lean back when you return to standing!

Single Arm Cable Push: Lunge

Grab a cable handle or exercise band handle and get into a semi-lunge position. Then, push the handle forward while maintaining perfect posture, and head and hip position. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Lunge With Cable Hold: Inside Leg Forward

Grab a cable handle or exercise band and get into a standing lunge position. Maintain perfect posture while resisting the pull of the cable/band and lower into a lunge position with good tracking of the kneecaps over the second toes throughout the entire move. Repeat.

Single Leg Bent Over Rows

Grab some light dumbbells and hinge forward into a neutral spine and bent over position. Lift one leg while keeping the pelvis level the entire time. Now, begin the row by pulling the elbows up and squeezing the shoulder blades together. HOLD that posture well! Repeat.

Bosu Squat with Lateral Side Shifts with Lateral Band

Grab a band with the outside hand and place the inside hand on top of the outside hand. Standing on a Bosu ball (or another type of balance device that allows you to push it down side-to-side), hold the band straight (shown in both pics) and stay in a good squat position. Push feet back and forth, left down, right down, left down, etc. Do this for 30 seconds (it’s going to burn). Switch sides and repeat.

Front Squat

Get under an Olympic bar (or use a dumbbell under the chin) where the bar is sitting against your throat and on top of your shoulder joints, hold there with your fingers. Maintain a perfect neutral spine and erect upper back (don’t round forward!) and squat with kneecaps tracking over second toes. The goal is to stay upright through the entire spine as you move.


Hang from a pull-up bar with grip facing you. Keeping your legs still and abs engaged, pull up to the bar, lower slowly. If you don’t have a pull-up bar or can’t perform a pull up, use a TRX or other suspension strap. DO NOT do this with movement, you’ll risk shoulder injury if you do.

Put It All Together

Every exercise detailed above is listed below in a “super-set” format, which simply means you will do all of the “A” exercise group first, back to back, with no rest in between. Then, you’ll do the same thing with the “B” exercise group. When you get to the last exercise and complete it, rest for 90 seconds and repeat.

Set “A”

  1. Prone SB arm movements:4-8 reps each side, slow tempo
    2. Deadlift: 60-70% intensity, 10 reps, slow tempo
    3. Single arm cable push: 60-70% intensity, 10 reps, moderate tempo
    4. Single leg bent over rows: 40-60% intensity, 6-12 reps each side, slow tempo
    5. Lunge with cable hold: 30-50% intensity, 10 reps each side, moderate tempo

Set “B”

  1. Pullups:Maximum reps with proper form, moderate tempo
    2. Bosu squat with lateral side shifts: Easy/medium intensity, 10-20 seconds each side, fast tempo
    3. Front squat: 40-60% intensity, 10 reps, moderate tempo

Note: This Core Circuit was developed by Dee Tidwell, trainer for the Yeti/Fox Factory  Enduro Team