Dr. Kristin Keim


Dr. Kristin Keim
Clinical and Sport Psychologist
Dr. Keim completed her doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus in health psychology, neuropsychology, and clinical sport psychology. She provides individual, couples, family, and group therapy for an array of diverse populations including children, adolescents, and adults as well as conducting psychological assessments. Dr. Keim also has her master’s in sport psychology and works to assist athletes, teams, and coaches in all aspects of performance enhancement. She believes in working from a holistic approach that enables athletes to attain greater progress in their performance by combining both physical and mental training. She is experienced in working with athletes and teams from various endurance sports such as cycling (road, mountain bike, cyclocross), long distance running, track and field, triathlon, swimming, rowing, as well as soccer, tennis, skiing, speed skating, equestrian, and dance performance. Dr. Keim’s research focuses are on mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) in athletes, sports injuries, return to sport, athlete identity, and the transition out of sport. 
As an athlete Dr. Keim raced competitively as an elite cyclist on various women’s cycling teams racing national professional races. In addition, Dr. Keim has over 20 years of experience in ballet, dance training, and performance.
Today she enjoys riding, exploring new roads, and meeting new people along the journey.
For more information on services please visit her website: http://www.keimperformanceconsulting.com or contact her by Phone: (919) 480-1861 – Email: keim@carolinaperformance.net.