Dr. Jen Isher-Witt


Dr. Jen Isher-Witt earned her doctorate in social psychology with a focus on evaluating how health behaviors are influenced by self-control, personal goals, and a person’s environment. Jen is especially interested in the factors influencing people’s food and exercise choices. Although she does not provide therapy for these areas, she is committed to sharing this knowledge to help
people break mindless eating habits and to demystify the healthy eating paradox: why do people knowingly and regularly make unhealthy food choices? Jen has presented at conferences and written blog posts about these topics, as well as given talks to employees through wellness initiatives. Jen has been an athlete her entire life from gymnastics to track to surfing and softball. Today she likes staying active through weight training, running with her dogs, and trying activities like ziplining and rock climbing. She is also crazy talented on the pogo stick

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