Semi- Custom Training Plan



If you’ve put in some early-season miles, you’re poised to boost your fitness for a big cycling event, whether it’s a Gran Fondo, a Century, Multiday Tour, or a Race. The key is to turn your regular rides into training rides—incorporating varied but increasingly focused efforts. The Endurance Collective offers pre-packaged non-competitive event preparation plans for your event! Each plan will come in calendar format with a daily workout plan for 4, 8, or 16 weeks depending on how much preparation you feel you need for your event. Our pre-set plans are designed for those of us who have a 40 hour a week or more job, children, or just a busy life and don’t necessarily have the time to build a coaching relationship right away. As you move toward your goal, remember that training isn’t a one size fits all proposition, we always encourage our athletes to invest in a custom coaching plan for the best results.

4 Week Semi Custom Plan – $99

8 Week Semi Custom Plan – $179

16 Week Semi Custom Plan – $329


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