Coaching Plans


An Endurance Collective Coaching plan is an exclusive relationship between Coach and Athlete. Coaching plans for general event preparation are readily available on the internet, what sets us apart from those plans is the athlete/ coach interaction that allows for a more dynamic training environment and a predictable end result. The Endurance Collective has partnered with Endurowerks, creators of the Enfusion Training System, because each athlete has demands unique to their physiology, their sport, and their life outside of sport. With the Enfusion Training System, there is no assumption that the athlete fits into a standardized box like many other training platforms out there.  At the Endurance Collective we take all of these individual demands into account when we build your training plan. Enfusion Training allows us to monitor your progress on a daily basis and give you an accurate picture of what your body requires to progress to the next level. We are big believers in training for the demands of your event with the understanding that “life happens” around you. It is our job to integrate your training plan into your life so that you don’t have to.

Custom Training Plans

Semi-Custom Plans




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