One comment on “Kevin Watt Finishes the Leadville 100 in 10 hours and 35 minutes!

  1. When I first approached Ben about coaching me back in December, I told him, “I got into Leadville via the lottery. My goal is to finish in under 12 hours and earn the belt buckle. I am a pediatrician and work long hours. I have a wife and two young kids that are a priority when I am not at work. In a good week, I can give you 5 hours to train. Can you come up with a training plan to reach that goal?” Ben said he could work with that. Nine months later I hit Leadville feeling strong but with no idea of how I would do. I had done long races (fairly flat), done long climbs in the WNC mountains, but combining 100+ miles with LONG climbs, all between 9000-13,000 feet of elevation…at that point you just have to rely of your training, fitness, and know your body. I rode a steady first half, hitting 11h splits at most of the checkpoints, made the turn at Columbine (that was brutal climb), and then put it down. I felt really strong throughout the second half of the race, especially the last 20 miles (most of which were climbing) where I passed about 50 people. Rolling up to the red carpet at the finish through a Tour de France like crowd, my son Jonah (age 7) burst through the crowd and ran in beside me, pumping his fist and yelling, “yeah! yeah! yeah!” It was an awesome way to finish the race.

    I can’t say enough about Ben’s coaching. He worked with my schedule to design an effective and efficient training plan. I earned my belt buckle with over an hour to spare.

    This fall we will see what he can do preparing me for cyclocross…

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